Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr Brooks

If this film hadn't received a good score on IMDB, I would have dismissed it because I'm not a huge fan of Kevin Costner. However, I'm glad that I did because Mr Brooks is a delightfully dark suspense thriller and Costner manages to convince the audience that he is the calm faced but secretly sinsister serial killer Mr Brooks.

William Hurt plays a fantastic role as Mr Brooks alter-ego who appears more as an imaginary friend although he is more devilish and lacks much of Brooks skin-deep compassion and edges him on to commit his crimes.
These slight differences cause the two to converse and argue in front of each other alongside dialogue that takes place between Mr Brooks and other actors unaware of this psychotic side, but it is for the audiences benefit as the parley takes part purely in his head.

Demi Moore plays a detective who wont rest until she brings the serial killer to justice and, because of her own stature, has a sub-plot of her own to contend with.

The film is propelled on a bedrock of both great plot and character development which intertwines to keep the audience on their toes and keeps us guessing what will ultimately happen and I was happily surprised when I was wrong in my summation.

A combination of excellent script-writing, acting and direction make this film well worth renting.

I would give this movie 8.1 waterworlds out of 10



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