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Spiderman 3

When we last left our friendly neighbourhood spider, he had destroyed Dr Octagon, things were going well with Peter Parker and Mary Jane but Spiderman still had one thorn in his side - his best friend and enemy, the Green Goblin.

The problem with trilogy's is that in some cases, the director tries to squeeze too much into the last film be it to tie up loose ends or send the third film off with a final bang. In the case of Spiderman 3 it seems to be an adding of villans with every sequel as well as the above.

In this film, Spiderman faces off against three clear and life-threatening enemies: The Sandman, his old rival the Green Goblin, and his new arch enemy Venom. All while attempting to save his relationship and New York citizens at the same time. It's surprising he doesn't need rehab.

One important plot point in several million-to-one odd occurances within the film, is that the gooey evil that is Venom just happens to land via a meteor, hitting the earth mere yards away from Peter Parker, no ones shirt ever seems to get ripped apart by explosions and Bruce Campbell gets another cameo. Scrap that last one actually, that was obvious.

Flaws in packing too much into the storyline and taking liberties with plot starters aside, Spiderman 3 does roll along at a nice steady pace with plenty of action alongside (some limited) character development and some great shot pieces. I believe less could have been more in this third film but it still stands up beside the others.

Anyone who enjoyed the first two films will not be disappointed in what surely must be a wrap on Spiderman. Besides plenty more bad guys in the bad guy Marvel comic catalogue, I think the director Sam Raimi knows there is not much left in the Peter Parker side to develop and any further sequels would only end up being pure action flicks of the "Vs" variety.

Spiderman 3 is a great popcorn action flick and any directors cuts that extend the running time to make better use of huge amounts of plot packed into the theatre version can only be welcome on the DVD.

This film gets 6.9 webslings out of 10.



Blogger Skry said...

Bummer? You decide...

8:39 pm  
Blogger Lou said...

There's no doubt that Spiderman 3 features the best action sequences of the trilogy. However the plot is beyond ridiculous (even for a comic book adaptation). The action/violence is definately aimed towards adults, but the plot is designed to appeal to children. I also found the two main characters to be incredibly grating, repeating the same old dance over their relationship. Nonethless it is a good action flic and on that basis achieves a decent 6 out of 10.

8:48 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

Well after seeing Spiderman 3 last night I felt that it was on par with the other two movies.

In my opinion they didn't include too many supervillains at once - it was just the right amount and they were fantastically animated. The Sandman was especially well created and looked great in every scene.

I didn't feel the plot was beyond rediculous for a comic book movie either. It was unbelieveable in so much as none of the events could ever happen, but asides from that rather obvious point (all comic books and related films are unbelievable) it worked well. I wasn't fussed on MJ's character, but that wasn't because of Dunst's performance so much as the fact that she was given a whiney personality to play this time round. MJ could have been played a bit more realistically I guess, but it worked well with the plot and Dunst's acting was grand. I wonder was she hired because of her screaming ability or does she have a screaming voice double...?

Yes, it was a little strange that certain things coincided in the film - the Sandmans past or how Venom came to Spiderman - but to say that misses the point. The whole premise of the film was that you should never let your ego run away with you and that "one man can make a difference".

And please bro, get over the fact that nobody's clothes ever get blown completely off by nearby explosions - you're not going to see Toby McGuire naked and that's that! :P

All in all I'd give Spiderman 3 a massive 8.5 grains of sand out of ten. If you liked SM1 and SM2 then SM3 will not disappoint.

6:35 pm  

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