Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Customer In Front Is Always Wrong

As usual on Saturday, it was time for the weekly shop. As you all know, I cannot stand shopping, especially for food. It's not the inane task itself but the people that constantly get in your way by abandoning their cart in the middle of the aisle etc that makes it the most unpleasant repeat activity known to man.

On this day, however, I could add two more things to my list. One is harmless in itself but hilarious to look at. It's the dainty girl who doesn't want to push around the big cart and chooses the smaller one and by aisle 12 the shopping is piled up over the top and it looks like a bad game of Jenga.

The second was the person in front of us at the checkout who, after paying for everything, wanted an additional item or a replacement and instead of getting it themselves, we had to wait while they called someone who doesn't know what they're doing or what the fickle customer actually wanted. I kid you not, we were standing there for 20 minutes before the stupid %&*&* got a bloody air freshener(!) and went on their way.

On the way home I stopped into Jenny's house to borrow her lawnmower to cut my back garden. About half-way through it made the most unholy sound imaginable and after turning the power off and flipping the machine over, I noticed one of the blades had broken off. Great.

We jumped back in the car and made our way to Homebase. DIY stores are another type of building I hate. Big, expansive and devoid of life, slowly sucking your soul from the momment you walk in the door. And you can't find anything and you spend half the time trying to find someone to help but they're mid-way helping somone else and if you're in the garden section you begin to think about committing sepeku with a pair of shears.

You'll be glad to know that after going to the Helpdesk, we were pointed in the right direction and left with spare blades, the garden was cut and before long, we were sunning ourselves and enjoying a cold beer.

On Sunday we invited some friends over for a BBQ using the new heater of meats and a good time was had by all. After worrying about the cloud obscuring the sun, they soon disappeared and sunscreen was required by all. Bring on next week.

As it's my birthday tomorrow, there will be no update as I will be busy being pampered but a full update will feature on Thursday. Thanks for stopping by and see you then.


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