Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bumbled Bees

After a brief period of humidity and rainfall, it looks like we're set to return to clear skies and sunny weather. This means I can finally put together the BBQ we bought several weeks ago but couldn't buy charcoal for.

However, with outlets now embracing the above average spring weather and getting a headstart on summer profits, we were able to pick up some charcoal last weekend which meand that meat is back on the outdoor menu.

While clearing the shed yesterday to allow room for the BBQ I was constantly harrassed by a wasp. I think he must have been trapped in there for a while and even though he escaped passed me after much arm flapping and grunts, he managed to find his way back through the door twice.

Lately there has been distress in the scientific community about bees disappearing and they do not know the cause. Of course with the loss of wildflowers in the countryside as agriculture has become more intensive, this could easily have offset the bee population. This combined with conurbation and the side effects of loss of gardens and various types of pollution could be a suspect but since I'm no scientist, it's mere speculation.

Of course the worrying thing is that the bees know something that we don't and have left the safe confines of the countryside and garden to amass underground and build a huge hive lair for themselves for an oncoming armageddon. An example of sixth sense (and not a tin foil hat suggestion) and bees is that they have predicted a major solar cycle event which will occur around 2010.

I don't mind bees. As long as they stay away from me when I'm relaxing with a cold beer in the garden.


Blogger Skry said...

An interesting, if somewhat mathematical, piece on bees and quantum physics there. Hopefully they'll all be OK and we can continue to buy their delicious honey in return for rent-free hive accommodation...

10:24 pm  

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