Monday, April 16, 2007

Red Red Wine

As the glorious spring weather continued, the Staff Social Committee (me) was reformed and first on the agenda was a BBQ lunch on the roof terrace. After a trip to Homebase and Sainsbury's, we were ready to go and feasted on marinaded chicken thighs, spiced pork sausages,burgers and home-made salads. It was a total crowd pleaser and I'm sure it'll be back on the menu sooner than later.

A last minute poker game was arranged for the evening, and after watching Ireland getting put out of the under 19 World Cup in embarrassing try after try for South Africa, we got down to betting. Usually I'm lucky not to lose everything so I was clearly favoured that night when I doubled my entry pot and walked away happy and contented.

On Saturday we had important business at hand and after lunch, Lou and I made our way down to Direct Wine Shipment to meet up with Chris for a sampling tour to choose wine for his wedding in August. We sampled well over a dozen wines and settled on our decision after buying our finalists and bringing them back home to the back garden for a proper tasting.

Later in the evening it was off to the Speakeasy in the Students Union to catch Amusement Parks On Fire. After a less than impressive warm up act, it was on to an ear bleeding wall of sound from the main act and although the music wasn't bad, the drumming wasn't up to much - I noticed on their website that they were looking for drummers on the UK leg of the tour so maybe there was a stand-in for the night who didn't know the songs. Nevertheless, it was ejoyable and after leaving, we jumped in a taxi back to Chris's folks place and sampled some more wine.

On Sunday, I had a record lie-in and didn't awake until 1 O'Clock in the afternoon. It was truly a lazy afternoon but welcome following a heavy social weekend. Hope you all had a great one whatever you got up to. See you tomorrow.


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