Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Spring Tale

The weather has been great recently and it's allowed me to do two things: tidy up the garden and, my all time favourite, have a BBQ.

I ran into my dead nextdoor neighbours sister from Canada when I moved in many weeks ago - he was recently deceased and she had flown over to sort out the details. A few weeks later I thought I passed her by again outside my house talking to a neighbour down the street, but it turned out it was her twin sister from Lisburn and she was with her husband. She said that I had been talking with her Canadian sister and I passed no my regards about her father. She was there with her husband and explained she was also here to sort out the house and I said I would help her out as best I could. Her husband piped up and said he would do me a deal. He would mow my lawn if I helped him move some furniture. It seemed a great idea at the time because the garden was overgrown and my current landlord had left us nothing but an old push-mower with one handle missing.

However, a week passed and the sunshine came and stayed and the grass was still not cut. As I fancied a BBQ there was no option but to go ahead and do the work myself. I was glad to be able to borrow my brothers modern fly-mower and soon set to the garden. However, since the grass hadn't been cut in a long time, it was around 6 inches long and an absolute beast to navigate a mower around.

It took more than an hour to cut a lawn the size of an average living room and it still wasn't complete. It had to be raked, which, due to the last time it had been cut, involved taking a lot of faux-grass in the form of moss with it and I was left with sporadic bald patches in one area. Nevertheless, the garden was prepped and ready for action. All that remained was to purchase a BBQ.....

We picked one up in Argos and on the way home stopped in a petrol station to pick up charcoal. Nothing. Lou dropped me home to finish working in the garden while she dropped the lawn-mower off at Keiths, pick him up and grab some charcoal. More than 5 petrol stations and shops were visited to no avail. What was wrong with the universe? Is it not written that a sunny day in spring shall the shops sell charcoal to the whores of BBQ's?

With a tear in my eye I had no option but to call off the event. I texted around telling friends that there may be no cooked meats over flames but there will be a party to honour the cloudless day in March. I was in the middle of making a marinade for the chicken drumsticks and mulling over the fact they would have to go into the oven instead of on a metal griddle over hot coals when I recieved a glorious phonecall from Colin telling me he had a disposable BBQ and could bring it over! Praise the Gods of BBQs! It's on!

And so there was much beer and cooking of meats and all were satisfied.

The End.


Blogger Skry said...

That was a well-fun afternoon/evening. And the weather's still good, so if the shops get their fingers out we might be able to do it again over the hols.

I couldn't believe 5 petrol stations, Tesco's and Sainsbury's all flaked on the BBQs...

9:39 pm  

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