Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Luck & The Art of Self Destruction

As you're probably aware, we have just had the St Patricks weekend and that is why there is a loss of days on here. As it fell on Saturday, the bank holiday was moved to Monday and I took Friday off to maximise chilling out and doing nothing time.

As you might have witnessed, luck is a fickle thing and is meted out in odd areas on this special day. We narrowly miss out on winning the Six Nations rugby tournament but somehow beat Pakistan in a World Cup cricket match. The weather is awful but you've got plenty to drink inside. A sort of yin and yang of dispersed luck [Magnaminous cricket win] and anti-luck [i.e. grasping defeat from the alluring hands of rugby victory].

Sunday afternoon kicked off with a stomach fortifying fry before heading off to Lavery's for a few games of pool. It was winner stays on and my luck allowed me to stay on for 5.

The evening was spent watching The Matador and 100 Greatest Stand-Ups. I'm not sure which was worse.

The Matador had an interesting plot design of a burned out assasin finding solace in an unlikely place. However, that place was not remotely interesting, funny or worth wasting 90 minutes of your time on. Both main actors - Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan - cruise through the film on auto-pilot and the result is a piece of turgid celluloid which is neither thrilling or comedic.

Avoid this stinker folks [2.1/10].

The 100 Greatest Stand-Ups voted for by morons - sorry - the public, naturally placed current comedians at the top of the list and largely forgot both old and non-British comedians. Harry Hill as 5th greatest comedian of all time? Jesus H Christ - the guy is amazingly unfunny and if he were run over by a steam roller I'd laugh for weeks proving that some artists are best enjoyed posthumously.

The other hugely negative thing about the show was that very few clips of the comedians were anywhere near funny. It's hard to see where Channel 4 can go with these lists of things and satisfy an audience for 3 hours - any suggestions?


Anonymous Chris said...

are you shitting me Rob Newman was only 46 what a big pile of w*nk the guy is a genius in comparison to some of the scum higher than him. I am not a happy bunny.

3:56 am  
Blogger Skry said...

Maybe, when Channel 4 have made 100 of these shite shows, they can have a "Top 100 Worst Top 100" countdown through this waste-of-time nightmare...

11:59 pm  

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