Thursday, April 26, 2007

Links #35

2006 Yo-Yo Champion: Shinji Saito

Shinji Saito showcases his awesome freestyle techniques and scores first place in the 2006 Japanese Yo-Yo Championship.

Wikipedia - Yo Yo's

Turkish "Star Wars"

Officially titled, "The Man Who Saved the Word", this Turkish-made film is commonly known as "Turkish Star Wars" because of its notorious bootlegging of Star Wars film clips worked into the film. Released in 1982, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam was created in Turkey caught in the midst of massive political upheaval. As a result, American-made films were not easily acquired and were often remade with a Turkish cast and setting. The musical soundtrack is entirely lifted from Western film hits of the time, primarily using Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Richard Dawkins - The Design of Life

The session was titled "The Design of Life," and the TED audience was probably expecting remarks about evolution's role in our history from biologist Richard Dawkins. Instead, he launched into a full-on appeal for atheists to make public their beliefs and to aggressively fight the incursion of religion into politics and education. Dawkins' scornful tone drew strongly mixed reactions from the audience; some stood and applauded his courage. Others wondered whether his strident approach could do more harm than good. Dawkins went on to publish The God Delusion and become perhaps the world's best-known atheist.


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LOL Gotta love the Wiki comment about yo-yo's:

Yo-yos were originally used as weapons by the indiginous inhabitants of the Philippine archipelago. Originally constructed from wild boar sinew and papaya tree wood the outer edge of these ancient yo-yos were carved into teeth, which ensured maximum damage, but made the return catch particularly hazardous. When Captain Cook arrived in the Philippines in the 1500s he is said to have remarked, "Nowhere have I seen a people so devoted to the mastery of a weapon so useless."

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