Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gamespot #51


I know you love these types of games really!

Solve the puzzles in the rooms, find the missing pieces of tile and escape!

I've posted a walkthrough in the comments section if you find it difficult.



Blogger Jay Tea said...

Objects to pick up:


What to do:

The coin - it has the code 4913 for the fuse box. Click the buttons until you key the code in. You will get the fuse and a piece of tile.
The bells - I just randomly clicked on them until the panel opened and I got a tile.
The Fuse Box - Place the missing fuse in the machine and place the spoon on the wires. The panel will fall open and reveal a tile.
The Valve - Place this in the hole where there is a 3 valve machine. The machine should be aligned similarly to the alignment on the fuse box downstairs [Horizontal, Vertical, Vertical]. This will smash the pipe upstairs and you will find a pearl.
The Pearl - Use this on the grandfather clock.
The Tiles - Once you have all four, place them on the design and you can escape!

8:30 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

out of curiosity I checked with my domain registrar and adventuresinsighfi[|.com] is available, along with philipadamson[|.com]

see you at the coffee table!

9:50 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

That was an interesting game, but some of the things you had to do were a little too subtly.

I got 2 pieces of the puzzle and missed exploding the tank (not too obvious) and the spoon trick (completely wtf - who would have thought of that?).

I'd give it 6 minutes of interest out of 10, although the music and graphics were very well done. It's just a pity the plot let it down...

12:49 am  

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