Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Working Up A Sweat

It was couples evening on the courts of Avoneil Leisure Centre as Keith, Jenny, Lou and I took up the racquet's and had several games of badminton. I hadn't played in years but recall a friend of my mums taking Keith and I to Queens PEC to play a similar version of it using a tambourine type instrument.

After a few warm up rallies we were ready to go. I had forgotten just how much you can smash the shuttlecock without it going too far which is great for working out any demons!

For the first two games my aggressive streak reared its ugly head and I was poaching a fair whack of shots from Lou but after settling down we worked a lot better and half way through our allotted time it was one game apiece.

The other great thing about badminton is the fast-paced rallies which are a great test of your hand-eye co-ordination and always resulted in a fit of giggles afterwards.

By the end of the four games it was 2-2 and I for one had worked up a light sweat. Unfortunately our score count was made more difficult to confirm as an aerobic workout with blasting dance music kicked in half-way through the third set.

Nevertheless we all had a great time and booked out the court for the same time next week. I hope it becomes a regular thing as it's great exercise and fun. The only drawback is that my arm is fatigued and sore but it was worth it.


Anonymous Jenny said...

That was good fun, although I too have a fatigued and slightly sore arm! (Well, shoulder.) And I worked up more than a "light" sweat, probably due to this being the first time I've played any kind of sport in years.

Would be up for doing it more often, definitely, so long as it doesn't become a routine thing on the same day every week. Skry can attest to how much I dislike my social life being rigidly timetabled ;)

9:37 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

That was really good fun. It's a pity that the anaerobic dance class next to us had to have such loud dance music. If I ever hear Rythm Is A Dancer again...

Nevertheless, I would be up for doing it again. Jenny if you don't want to be held to doing it every Monday rigidly, we can aim for Mondays and, if there's something else you'd rather do, we can reschedule.

Finally, Mr Stevens that used to take me and Phil to play the similar game in Queens PEC had us playing Tambourelli - an Itallian game that seems to have no real mention online except for one condemned website. Can't imagine why as it was great fun...

12:16 am  

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