Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Snowcake is a beautifully told story about a man, played by Alan Rickman, who befriends the mother of the daughter whom he was involved in a car accident with and becomes emotionally attached to the small neighbourhood where she lives and the lifetstyle it involves.

It becomes more poignant because the mother, played by Sigourney Weaver, is a highly functioning autistic woman who, due to her condition, is seemingly unphased by this turn of events which plays on Rickmans guilty complex because he is unable to resolve his feeling of responsibility through absolution.

The screenplay itself was written with Rickman in mind and after reading it, he sent the script to Sigourney stating that she would be ideal for the role of the autistic mother. Both actors are perfectly suited and turn in fine performances with Rickman possibly giving the best he has ever delivered, drawing the viewer into his world and the surroundings he finds himself in.

Snowcake is a movie-goers gem that takes a simple premise and expands it into a layered and engrossing story. It has fantastic snippets of black comedy which add charm and depth of the characters. I highly recommend renting it.

I would give this film 8.7 out of 10.



Anonymous Lou said...

8.7! What would the film have to have done to go up 0.3 points?

10:39 pm  
Blogger Keith said...

Have GBV doing the sound track, and even then they'd have to turn in the performance of their lives to cross the 9-point barrier...

It's like Star Trek, where Warp 9.5 is the highest any starship can do. Except at least with Trek you know someone's gonna cross the Warp Factor 10 barrier at some stage (and they did, in some episode I'm not nearly nerdy enough to remember).

12:25 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...


The music was by Broken Social Scene actually so that was a double bonus right there.

It lost 0.3 for repeating a snippet of a song a few times and 1.0 overall for not being an all-time classic.

I'm such a hard marker!

Now get the back of the class!

12:33 am  

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