Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cansei de Ser Sexy

Cansei de Ser Sexy are an electro funk rock band from Brazil who formed in 2003 as an excuse to meet up and drink with only one of the band skilled in playing an instrument - a bass guitar no less. Three years later they are gaining in popularity due to their excellent debut album and amazing live shows guided by their bubbly front woman Lovefoxxx who seems to enjoy her time off stage just as much as on it. I caught them playing at one of my least favourite venues, the Speakeasy aka The Students Union bar. My disdain of said venue is due to the fact that at least a 1/3 to a 1/2 of any crowd who pays in to see a band there doesn't know them and spends the entire time ignoring them and talking over the top. I don't blame them for doing this however, I blame the tour organiser for choosing such a venue.

The place was packed more than usual especially on a Sunday night so I took this as a good sign and we got a couple of pints and found a spot near the back to catch the warm up act without spilling our drinks.

First up was the 1990's, a three piece band from Glasgow. At one point the singer and drummer from Franz Ferdinand was in the band and it looks like they got the best deal after leaving because this band has about as much talent as a pub rock trio from Scunthorpe. Simplistic rock chords and lyrics with "yeah" and "whoOo!" thrown in on almost every song. It was tiresome and very un-rocking.

Grace came in the form of The Roger Sisters who were an unexpected and welcome second support act. The Brooklyn-based trio kicked some serious ass and I would definetly pay to see them again.

As soon as CSS took to the stage the crowd went nuts and they kicked everything off with live opener 'CSS Suxxx' before launching into 'Alala' which seemed to seal the deal with everyone. Lovefoxxx strutted about the stage and climbed onto speakers and pumped her arms to the beat whilst guitarist Luiza Sá took the speaker on the other side and noodled to the crowd. As the band worked through their self titled album kicking out songs such as the hilarious 'Meeting Paris Hilton' to the classic 'Let's Make Love And Listen Death From Above' every one was a crowd pleaser and when the lights came up after the final song everyone was in good spirits and and happy. It was certainly one of the best gigs of the year and I recommend checking them out if they come back.



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