Friday, October 27, 2006

Molly's Yard

It was Lou's birthday yesterday so we went along to Molly's Yard for dinner. We had both wanted to go there for a while and had heard good reports. It also has a micro-brewery and I yearned to sample the chocolate stout.

We arrived around 7pm and were led upstairs. It has a simple country house rustic layout with red velour curtains and sparse furnishings.

I ordered the Bodegas Lan Rioja 2001 and perused the menu. There were around 5-6 dishes in each category of starter, main and dessert with a two course for £20 or three course for £25. As we are a two course couple and the dessert menu looked a lot more appetising I ordered some bread for starters as we waited on our main courses of chicken and fawn.

The fawn came on a bed of noodles and a red onion and jam compote I believe although I could be totally wrong. It was however delicious with the meat flaking off the bone. Lou's chicken came with a creamy mash potato and sauce which also looked and tasted beautiful.

For dessert I had the chocolate brownie which was extremely filling and sumptuous and Lou had the hazelnut cream sundae and we washed it down with a glass of chocolate stout which was the only let down of the meal as it was a little watery and lacking the full body that is stout.

Nevertheless, the meal was fantastic and I would certainly recommend it although if you're a vegetarian you'll have to look elsewhere as there's only one meal on the main menu to choose from.


Menu ***1/2

Value ****1/2

Service *****

Decor ***1/2

Disabled **

Parking ***



Anonymous Lou said...

I totally agree with you. There's only five options on the menu so its not somewhere you could frequent too often. I had chicken with chorizo baked in the middle and creamy mash and leaks. I have to say it was absolutely beautiful. The sauce over the mash was creamy and buttery and the tender chicken was given a hint of spice with the chorizo. Mmmm delicious. The dessert was also very tasty However i was also very disappointed with the chocolate stout. It was warm and watery and had no chocolate taste to it whatsover! All in all though it was an absolute treat and I would definately recommend a visit.

8:56 pm  
Anonymous Skry said...

You ate fawn? One of these?!? They are natures only "hands off" animals - you could even eat veal or a kitten and not be considered as evil!!

I went for a romantic meal with Jenny yesterday to The Bridgehouse after our medicals yesterday. I had the veggie burger with pomme frittes and Jenny had the chicken et pain with a side of chips. It was lovely and the Abbott stout was particularly nice.

10:33 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

By "hands off" animals you must mean delicious venison.

Romanic meal at the Brdigehouse...

Do you know they do Valentines meals there? That's a sure fire way to get a kick in the crotch.

11:33 pm  

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