Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lights, Coffee, Action!

A short while ago I mentioned that I managed to convince management to purchase some overhead lighting for our office in order to brighten things up as we have no windows and therefore no natural light which makes working in here over the winter a real drag.

A few weeks ago we recieved them in the post and set them up and it was like stepping into a sunbed room or something - the difference was unbelievable. Here's the proof!

This is the office before the lights were installed.
As you can see it's drab and everything has that turgid yellow look under the lighting.

This is the office after the lights were installed. As you can see everything is looking as if we had a skylight for a ceiling.

According the manufacturers, if sunlight is 100%, the lights provide 98% likeness to sunlight.

Bonus points for noticing 10 changes within the two pictures ;)

There's been a notable difference in tiredness levels too as I am no longer asleep on my keyboard at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Ergo a win-win for management and staff.

Fresh with success I am currently petitioning management for a hammock room with piped jazz music and soft cheese on silver trays. Will I be successful in my bid? Find out next week after I find out how quickly a fired employee can claim unemployment benefits!


Blogger Jenny said...

In my workplace we have been campaigning for a team hammock for the last five years, to no avail. Maybe it is the idea of our whole team snuggled up in a hammock together that is putting management off?

Glad to see that the lights have brightened the place up, anyway. Hope it keeps your spirits up over the winter!

12:13 pm  
Anonymous Skry said...

Man those lights look like they actually make a hell of a difference! You had a link to the manufacturers site a while back and I assumed that the before and after pics were almost certainly doctored i.e. the pics they had were obviously Before (the worst picture taken on a dark day in the depths of winter) and After (taken on a bright day with plenty of overhead and natural light).

You ought to send them your blog address to use as an advert!

However, the thought of hammocks is equally appealling and we are now sitting in work eating lunch and discussing what all we would like to campaign management for. A recreation room with hammocks, a pool table and PlayStation seems to be the current favourite...

12:22 am  

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