Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Site Update

As you may have noticed, Adventures In Sigh-Fi has undergone a little style update. I should say a big thank you to Emer for designing the banner and also to Steve for making it work. Many hours of hard work has went into it and I hope it will make it more user friendly to find old postings together in one page.

As you will see, there are four clickable links across the top which represent the four main categories of the site which are film, media links, food and games. Each will take you to a full list of all the links or games or to the last 20 movie reviews or recipes. It is my hope that in time I will be able to make a full list of movie reviews [over 80] and recipes [over 50] but for now the search bar can be used to track down a recipe posted beyond 20. Clicking on 'Welcome to..' will take you back to the main page.

Please post any comments in order that I can take it into consideration and fully tweak the new design to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Many thanks for your patronage.



Blogger Donovan said...

Good job phil.. my previous comment about the logo / menu was a bit early. I'd thought it was a decorative backdrop, but with the links in effect it's a great step forward for the blog!

I'll open a can of special brew in it's honour.

9:36 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

Glad I could have been of assistance lad.

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Emer said...

...avec plaisir :o)

10:50 pm  

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