Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Lost Chord

We were at the Black Box last night for the book launch of The Lost Chord, the first book by the husband of my friend and colleague in work Sinead. I had never been to the Black Box before nor to a book launch so it was exciting on two fronts. After picking up a glass of complementary wine [make that three fronts] it was time for a little mingling and introductions.

The inside of the room is decorated as if it were a small art gallery, which I'm sure it is on occasion, with bright white walls, polished wooden floors and a black beamed ceiling. The furniture is art deco with round curved seats ideal for arching backs and slumping into although it was clear by the amount of people squeezing into the room that there would be a shortage of them. However, we were soon told that due to sheer volume of people, we would be shortly moved into the adjacent hall which would accommodate us. During the introductory speech we were informed that not even Roddy Doyle filled the smaller room so it was a testament to the interest that Tony's book launch had gained.

Following a further introduction by BBC news presenter Jim Fitzpatrick, Tony read a few extracts from his book which is a difficult prospect because you have to convey the range of characters and depth of story to an audience unfamiliar with the context of the narrative in so much as they are intrigued enough to want to buy the book and are not put off by revealing too much or too little.

After the first reading I wasn't too convinced but by the final elucidation I was willing to purchase a copy of the book and find out more. As the story is based around a rock star and his decline and disappearance I'm not sure what appeal it would have for those not interested in the subject matter but I hope it is successful as it is a published Northern Irish book that has nothing to do with social, historical or political standings and as such elevates in my opinion above most novels that have emerged in the last decade or more which can't seem to shake themselves of the backdrop of these elements.


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related to todays Blog directly, but indirectly all about your Blog:

French woman sacked over blog

BBC had an article this morning on it too - people who Blog are now being looked up online to have character references made against them if they, for example, call in sick then Blog about a day out they had at the beach.

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