Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Six Organs of Admittance

It was my first time in the Big House aka The Pavillion for a gig and the venue itself was quite small. That said, the turn out was pretty low and there were perhaps twenty people sitting around having a quiet drink. You wouldn't have even got the impression that anyone was going to play anything at all.

After working my way through the better part of a pint of Guinness, the warm up act took to the stage with a laptop and began to twiddle about for 5 minutes making noise which sounded half-way between Fennesz and Aphex Twin but with a tenth of the talent - nothing new - and in fact, quite dull. After dropping the fuzz and keeping a slow beat he moved over and picked up his guitar and started to play a kind of Spanish chord sequence which wasn't too bad after he initial synthetic output.

Despite his ability to play he couldn't sing to save his life. All the high notes went awry i.e. "aaauuuuuuuuuuuu--eeeeee" and I had to look away.

I was talking to Colin and saying how bad all this was and it turned out his girlfriend and her dad or his dad were sitting beside us the whole time. However, the joke's on them though - having to put up with a no talent loser. They didn't say anything to me but if they did I would have told them exactly why he sucked which would have cut into the gig time as it was a laundry list of complaints. By the end of his set he was getting sarcastic applause and seemed only too glad to leave the stage.

I can only imagine that it was his first gig and he was nervous as hell because half way through a song he would just stop, cough, and then begin noodling the guitar again
so the whole force of the song collapsed.

A second pint later and Six Organs of Admittance took to the stage. There was a 99% increase in persona on view and they wasted no time getting the crowd hooked. After the second song, half the crowd had taken up positions around the band and the set continued at a glorious pace with some excellent guitar work and drumming completely unlike what is found on their records which is subdued and mostly quiet.

I'm not sure if it was the support act, the venue, or my own frame of mind but half-way through the set I was fatigued and longed to hear something that I could reference to their album work. They did not take to the stage until 11 O'clock and by midnight I was ready to go home. It was a shame because there was nothing technically wrong with the music and if it was another night I would probably lap it up.

Tonight is another night of events. Book party launch and another gig. More details tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and see you Thursday!



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