Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunshine Hit Me

Beautiful weather this morning. It almost made me want to phone in sick and go for a long cycle somewhere with ice-cream in the middle and a pint or two at the other side. The good news is that it's someones birthday today in work so we're going to Reno's for lunch and grabbing some outside seats if we're lucky. In the past, these lunches have lasted at least an hour and a half and I'll do anything to get outside today, especially if it's surrounded by banter, good food and a pint. It'll be a real struggle to get any work done in the afternoon though. It's also Don's turn to cook tonight so I think I'll cycle or walk over and soak up the late afternoon rays. Perhaps it will still be warm enough to sit outside for dinner? Let's hope so!

I decided to encrypt the wireless broadband signal last night as I noticed a huge drop off in speed and took a look at the clients on the router menu. At least 4 other people were using my bandwidth and I wasn't going to stand leechers sucking up my service. I just hadn't got around to tinkering with the router yet to encrypt my broadband, mainly because I wasn't sure what I was doing but it couldn't be too hard right? In my case, wrong. I somehow managed to WEP encrypt the service and cut-off my own access which wouldn't allow me to even connect to the router to fix it, so after head-scratching for an hour I plugged in the old LAN cable and bingo! Undid all my work and the wireless reconnected again. By this time it was too late in the night to have another crack at it so I'll have another go at it over the weekend when I have the time. Until then, I'll have to share my broadband with anonymous users.

Well, if you are off today and looking for something to do, the Balmoral Show kicks off today. They have show jumping, falconry displays and a craft village. I remember going there years ago when I was 13 or 14 and being bored to tears. Sheep shearing competitions? Please. Still, probably a great place to bring the kids and if you're a mans man, check out the 4x4 vehicles and if you're from Ballymena, they have some great tractors and other heavy machinery. There's also the Kangaroo Kid who flies about on his motorcycle and his finale is jumping over a row of cars. It's his last year so he might be old and infirm so there's always a chance he'll screw it up.

Anywho, enjoy yourself whatever you get up to today and I'll see you tomorrow for a Don Recipe Special!


Anonymous Lou said...

The Balmoral Show brings back disturbing memories from childhood. During 7 years of primary school every single school trip was either spent at the Balmoral Show or the Ulster Folk and Transport Musuem.

Incidently the last time I had to go to the Balmoral Show was for work and the guy I was taking had a heart attack just before we got there. That place has evil in it!

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

My parents are actually up from Wexford today for the Balmoral Show -- but they are farmers so it's allowed. Wouldn't be my own cup of tea really...

I did enjoy the odd Spring Show down in Dublin when I was a kid (although back then it was UP in Dublin) but that was mostly because I got a day off school. I always came home with loads of free stickers and brochures for things like combine harvesters :)

9:27 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

LOL Your workmate had a heart attack before he arrived?!? Was he a bull? That would be understandable...

I would love to see a suped up combine harvester jumping a row of cars. That way if things go wrong you're guaranteed hilarious consequences, what with nearby crowds and the like.

Farm Animals 1 - Humans 0

Woo hooooooo!!

10:19 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

Not a bull, just an elderly man with learning disabilites. It was unfortunate for him, but lucky for me cause then i didn't have to go in ;-).

He was OK not too long afterwards BTW.

11:59 pm  

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