Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sub-Tropical Office

It almost felt like summer except for the wind spraying dust and dirt into my face on the walk home yesterday afternoon. I would have been tempted to have a roadside beer outside a bar if I didn't need to cover the top with my hand and wear speedo's to prevent grit blindness. I had a look at the 10 day forecast and it does not look good for the rest of the week which is a shame because a colleague is leaving on Friday and we were hoping to leave work early and shack up outside Cutter's Wharf. I find myself in that annoying clothes phase where you're never sure what to wear. A girl in work commented this morning that she changed her mind 6 times in what to wear causing her to be late because she wasn't sure if it was going to be a hot and sunny day or humid and wet. I'm lucky if I have 6 things to wear and I can always turn the fan on and pretend I'm beside an open window. As is the case in this crazy building, the oil always runs out during winter and the radiator never works and I come in this morning to be met be a sub-tropical office with the radiator on full blast and am unable to turn the blasted thing off.

So to goad the sun to make more of an appearance, this weekend I intend to purchase some summer clothes involving a summer coat which is the most difficult item of clothing to buy in the Northern Irish climate. It has to be both light and fashionable but also able to withstand rain at a momments notice without turning into something resembling what a cat would cough up. I think I'll also brave a few shirts this year over t-shirts as I'm feeling sassy and I can get more air around my chest. I'll be picking up my Snakes On A Plane t-shirt tomorrow so I'll snap a picture and let you know if it was worth the hassle.

The heat is also playing badly on my slumber as I've been having bizarre dreams. On Sunday night I woke up startled thinking a cat was scratching my face and last night I had a dream about a 3 legged Noel Edmonds thanks to the new series of Dead Ringers and a brilliant piss-take of Deal Or No Deal. Seriously, what's the attraction there people? Idiots picking random boxes? Here's the online version. Totally pointless I'll admit because there's no money involved but beautifully illustrates the crapness of the show. I'll also not be getting any fashion tips from Mr Edmonds either. Where does he buy those shirts?

Catch you tomorrow peeps.


Blogger Skry said...

I just played that Deal Or No Deal game and it did seem a bit boring. I also won the million on my first turn - didn't have a second turn. Was I just lucky or is it a really easy game to play? Maybe I should enter it...

As for the weather, so long as we get a good weekend I'm happy. It's just a pity all the good weekend weather seems to be using itself up at the start of the week!

10:32 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

At least your cat scratching was just a dream. I woke up this morning and a cat WAS scratching my face, in a bid to get fed and let out. Ouch. Luckily it didn't leave any visible marks for the LIT photo shoot this morning ;)

Great day today, I am just back in from a two mile walk along the river in the sunshine. Lovely. Hopefully the forecast was wrong and it will be like this over the weekend too.

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Emer said...

With regard to goading the sun, you should get on to Suzy. She has made a few deals with the weather in her time...hehe!

11:54 am  

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