Monday, May 08, 2006

A Circus Event

A group of us attempted to go to the Plum & Pigeon Extravaganza last night at Custom House Square but unfortunately it was sold out online so anyone turning up on the night were turned away. The previous Circus that ran in the Empire a few months previously was walk-in friendly so perhaps that the event marked the end of the Cathedral Quarter Arts festival was the reason it had full capacity.

Nevertheless it allowed us the opportunity to pub crawl and our first port of call was the newly opened Cloth Ear on Waring Street. It's typically upmarket in style inside as it's part of the also-newly opened swanky Merchant Hotel and the best thing about it, surprisingly, is the toilets which are neatly decked out with Star Wars garb and memorabelia.
They also make good cocktails. I tried the Nut Merchant which was liquer-tastic, creamy and delicious but unfortunately they had no rhubarb to make a Rhubarb & Custardini. They also had a corner speaker that hissed badly and when we asked them to turn it off they agreed but never followed through so we left for the Spaniard on Skipper Street which is becoming one of my favourite little bars. It's a shame they only have four red wines on offer though so after choosing the Rjioca, we grabbed a table and chatted away before making our way to the Duke of York and the John Hewitt which were closed and closing up which was a shame as it was only 11 O'Clock but then again, it was Sunday.

We made our way homeward but called into the Apartment which was still busy and serving drinks so after Guinness for sustenance and a White Russian for Don and Colin and red wine for Lou, 3 of us ordered a Rush Hour on Colin behest and it was devine. It was like a dessert in liquid form and shall surely be ordered at the next available opportunity.

By this time it was a quarter to midnight and exhaustion had set in with the enevitability of work the next day shattering any illusion of an easy start to the AM. Still, a great time was made out of a non-Circus event and I am just about to grab my second coffee of the day to keep me from yawning into submission.
Hope you all had a great weekend and see you tomorrow for more craic.



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