Wednesday, May 03, 2006

26th Birthday

My 26th birthday weekend kicked off on Friday as Richard and I left work early hooking up with Lou and after a swift pint at the Potthouse and failing to see any performance by The Man as part of the Festival of Fools, popped into Virgin to watch Therapy? do a few accoustic songs from their new album One Cure Fits All. Unfortunately some rock acts are no good in a corporate de-electrified setting and this was one of these times. So, after sliding out, we met up with Keith at McCracken's for a fly pint and then caught Bill Ferguson do a great comedy juggling act in Cotton Square opposite the newly established Merchant Hotel. Bar a meddling junkie, his perforance was thoroughly entertaining and after a few build up routines, asked members of the audience to through any object to him under 5kg for him to juggle. He ended up with a skateboard, an aluminium chair and a traffic cone. After 3 attempts he managed a few rotations and I think it was quite skilful under the circumstances. That evening we ended up back at our place and proceeded to get very drunk watching Robot Chicken and Nathan Barley.

I didn't get up on Saturday until 11.30am and after taking a few paracetamol and a shower, felt much better and after getting ready for the afternoon, drove up to the folks place to set up the BBQ. The weather was supposed to turn sunny by 1pm and although the clouds didn't clear, it remained dry. People started arriving from late afternoon and the party got into full swing. Beer was opened, boules were thrown and around 7pm when it got a little too nippy to stay outside, we moved inside to drink and be merry. Unfortunately my memory is a little hazy from late evening to midnight but I imagine it can be assumed that too much food was eaten, too much alcohol was inbibed and by around 1am, I required assistance finding the bedroom to rest my weary drunken head. It was a great day though and fun was had by all. Now the slide begins towards thirty-something!


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I like your boules!

Check these ones out :)

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