Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wake Up You're Dreaming

I've been having some bizarre dreams this week. On Monday I had that classic dream where you are in two familar houses but they are one house and nothing is as it seems. In one part of the house, which was the living room of my flat, there were blackbirds trying to get in through open windows and I was desperately trying to shoo them out but they would just get back in again because I wouldn't actually close the window it seems. Apparently this means misfortune will occur in the coming weeks or I lack motivation and am not utilizing my full potential as I am stuck in a rut. Nooch. In the other part of the house which represented my folks hallway, there were annoying little bratty kids trying to break into the house and they got in because once again I didn't lock the doors. Apparently this relects that I am trying to be more mature but the immature side of myself keeps interfering, even when I try to beat it back. Nothing new there. Since it was one and the same dream I can only conclude that my lack of maturity is keeping me in a rut and potentially causing misfortunae down the line so the only course of action is to grow up and act my age it seems. Damn it!

Last night I dreamt I was in Japan and and my mum was driving myself and Keith along a beautiful wooded area with shrines, padogas and I'm pretty sure it was autumn as there were brown leaves on the hills. She dropped me off at a school where I suddenly realised I didn't speak Japanese and was crudely instructed that my job was to hand out leaflets to pupils coming in and each leaflet had a small sticker with Japanese on it in phonetics so I would know which leaflet they wanted. Ingenious perhaps but I was still crapping my pants. According to research, as the foreign country was one that I have been to and loved, this is a sign that the attainment of my heart's desire is closer than I think. It also means that I should keep working on it and not be discouraged in spite of any setbacks. So in the space of a day, everything is back on course again. Go me!

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Blogger Skry said...

Are you sure that your dreams don't actually mean that you're eating too much cheese before bedtime? :P

I have had insomnia for over a decade now and it comes and goes. Currently I am in the middle of a bad patch, where for the last 3 or so weeks I haven't had a single unbroken nights sleep or had any more than 4-6 hours sleep (that hasn't followed a piss-up in a bar).

However I have also found out that I have been coping pretty well with it and haven't been feeling too bad in work. I'm now going to bed every night after midnight and I'm up most mornings before 6am in the hopes that I haven't got insomnia but am actually trying to sleep for longer than my body needs.

My insomnia has started to sub-side, which is cool cause it means better sleep and a few extra hours in the day!

10:22 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Dreams are the best fun. It's like having two [or more] lives, in two worlds. Every night is a new adventure, but no matter how adventurous it gets or how much risk you take, none of it matters in the morning! Plus there is the whole thing of being able to fly, or change gender, or live in the distant past, or just free yourself completely from physical or social limitations.

Of course there are times when there is stuff that actually means something. I have recurring dreams that either (a) I am in control of a vehicle but can't actually control it due to some malfunction in it or myself, or (b) I can't see. That kind of dream is less fun because it is probably meaningful, like your blackbirds and bratty kids.

I think insomnia would actually make me go insane. I need my sleep, and I need my dreams!

7:06 pm  

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