Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Links #19

Your weird random assortment of video capture this week is:

The Art of Motion - Some stop motion frivilous fun.

Wikipedia - Stop Motion.

Stop motion requires a camera, either motion picture or digital, that can expose single frames. It works by shooting a single frame, stopping the camera to move the object a little bit, and then shooting another frame. When the film runs continuously at 24 frames per second, the illusion of fluid motion is created and the objects appear to move by themselves. This is similar to the animation of cartoons, but with real objects instead of drawings.

Nasa Plane Crash - Just going to show that if your plane crash lands......you're fucked.

Wikipedia - Nasa.
Wikipedia - Accidents and incidents in aviation.

The Twilight Zone - Nightmare at 20,000ft - Classic episode with William Shatner.

Wikipedia - The Twilight Zone
Wikipedia - William Shatner


Blogger Skry said...

Cool plane crash. That Twilight Zone episode has a really great Jonny Bravo cartoon made of it, where clowns are on the wing of the plane stripping it apart. Jonny tries to go out to get them, but he's scared of clowns.

Will he get over his fear of clowns in time to stop them, or will he die in a horrible plane crash?

Let's watch on...

10:40 pm  

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