Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just Plain Crazy

Looks like I've picked something up because my nose has been running like a broken tap all morning. The receptionist was sickly yesterday and so I figure he's passed it on to me. He was kind enough to give me some Beechams powder to make a hot remedy drink although 3 people commented on how it smelt like cat pee but since my nose is blocked up I can't confirm or deny it. I have since treated myself to a Mars bar in the hopes of the chocolate having some effect on me - it's scientifically proven to help - honest!

It's my Dads birthday tomorrow and my brother and I are heading up tonight for dinner so I hope I don't infect him and everyone else with my disease/man cold. I suppose I should be grateful that I didn't come down with it yesterday as I always seem to cop it when I take time off work like the cruel mistress of worldly things is preventing me from relaxing. At least spring seems to be making an appearance which can only be a good thing because the last week has been baltic and I don't fare well in cold climates - for some reason a cold wind makes me cry in the left eye and my face screws up in protest so who knows how I look walking down the street. It's no wonder I get straight passage as people move out of my way lest the come into close proximity of a lunatic who looks like he's just squeezed lemon juice into one eye and ate it.

I remember there used to be many crazy people walking around Belfast. There was one guy who was always sniffing glue and had his arm raised and attempted to get on buses on the Lisburn Road. Another man around Botanic would have his radio blasting out on one arm and a 3 litre bottle of White Lightning cider in the other informing those that passed him what he thought about them in crude mannerisms. And finally there was an old lady who walked around town covered head to toe in notes and pushed around one of those granny bags. The first two had drug and alcohol problems but I think she was just plain crazy. I imagine they're either dead or in an insane asylum now.

Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow for more inane banter. Catch you then!


Blogger Lenny said...

First blog I have seen from the Island, nice!

10:24 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

Hi Lenny - good to see you here!

Bro please don't pass on your cold to me tonight - I have been suffering enough as it is. Yesterday I got a weird flashing in the bottom of my left eye, like a little strobe light that went on for around 2 hours!

Still I was able to throw shapes for a while without having to listen to any cheesy techno, so it was all good :P

12:18 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Talking of crazy people in Belfast, I guess you forgot to mention the guy who throws shapes to the flashing lights behind his eyelids...

When I was in Edinburgh we spent an entertaining afternoon watching a woman on a bench outside the flat having a really animated conversation with an imaginary friend sitting next to her. You have to wonder how people reach that stage.

Well, back to another few hours playing Oblivion.. madness awaits.

2:02 pm  

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