Monday, April 03, 2006

Cocktails & Shuttlecocks

On Saturday evening, Brian and Jude came over for a few drinks before heading out to the Northern Whig for cocktails where we hooked up with Bert and Jill who were on their 5 year anniversary so kudos to them. I ordered a white russian and after standing around in the midst of up to 3 hen parties, we actually managed to find seats by the front window. However, the first drinks didn't last long and Lou and I made our way to the bar for more. We waited and waited, for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES before getting served. I find this lack of service appauling. Granted the place is packed so why have 6 staff serving 300 punters? In the end I bought 2 pints of Guinness rather than another cocktail so I wouldn't have to go back and stand for another hour trying to catch the attention of the barstaff who always seem more willing to serve that girl who has just arrived 2 minutes before she gets served while you've been waiting patiently feeling completely dejected wanting to jump over the counter and serve yourself.

After regaining composure and our seats, I sat beside Jude as we overlooked 2 girls dancing across the bar. We made a social running commentary on how one girl must have had a Duracell battery shoved up her butt because she was dancing wildly like a bomb had been planted around her waist and if she slowed to 50 or less gyrations per minute she would explode. Her friend occasionally joined in but preferred to stand and forlornly look into the distance like she was in a photoshoot for Maxim. Unfortunatly anyone giving them attention besides us were a group of 3 thirty-something balding men who instead of actually approaching them, looked like they were egging each other on to make the first move.

After finishing our drinks, we booked it back to our place and played a game of Cranium. We divided into boy/girl teams and after battling it out with some very bad whistling and/or humming on my part we were victorious. We made the erroneous decision to play another game but I think by this time we were all too far gone and it was time to hit the hay. We said our goodbyes and my head hit the pillow at 4am. I had a bizarre dream involving Paris Hilton in that she was arrested on some crime and got hit with 5 out of 7 charges and was sentanced to 4 years in prison. I like to think it was for crimes against humanity but I can't recall. Maybe in another dream she'll get 15 to life.

Hope you all had a great weekend and catch you tomorrow.



Anonymous Jenny said...

I was in the Northern Whig on Friday (not my choice, it was a work thing), and the service was similarly appalling. I got around it by ordered an entire bottle of wine for myself and clinging to that for the rest of the night. The waitress jokingly asked if I wanted a glass with it or just a straw *blush*

I'm so classy...

7:56 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

LOL I would have just asked for a funnel or an I.V. drip!

I was out on a work do on Friday night too - we went to Ten Square then Auntie Annies. Was a bit weird though - some blonde girl hit my workmate on the back off the head for no reason in front of about 6 coppers!

When she got stopped and questioned about it she said that Saleema (my workmate) was "looking at her funny". Rediculous, as Saleema was looking the other way and that's why she got hit on the back of the head, proving she couldn't even have been looking in the same direction as the blonde! What a bimbo...

At least I know where all the women were on Saturday night - Don and I had hit The Fly, Empire (briefly), Parlour, Spring and Airbrake and finally Auntie Annies (upstairs and downstairs) and there were at least 2:1 ratio's of men:women in each bar. In fact there were probably 5:1 odds in the Parlour!

At least we got our drinks served to us quickly :P

10:29 pm  

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