Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Right Shoe Is On The Other Foot

I picked up a new pair of shoes yesterday quite unexpectedly. A few weeks ago I was idly flicking throught one of my Mums many catologue leaflets when I was up for dinner and glanced at a pair of shoes that were on sale and of a neat shade of brown I like. So I circled the picture and forgot about it, leaving the house without telling her about them. However, I was up last night picking something up and lo and behold she had saw the circled shoes and ordered them for me. Huzzah!

Now I have a problem with shoes in that when I look for them in a shop they always have a pair I like but never in my size [size 11]. Oh sure they say a new batch will arrive in a week but I've took the effort to return in the past and they pawn me off with another excuse so I never go back. Friends have told me about the joy of online ordering but I like to try on a shoe first so I don't have to repeatedly send it back because something is wrong but these shoes were £15 so I was willing to take the risk.

My other problem with shoes is that one shoe always fits better than the other. Often I've tried one shoe on and my spirit has been lifted until I try the other one on and then it's crushed in an instant and back on the rack it goes. I've also found a great pair of shoes only to find the other shoe is in the same direction, mentioned to the assistant and after checking their order, it seems the manufacturers have sent a batch consisting entirely of right shoes. I can never win!

So last night was no exeception. The left shoe fitted better than the right but after loosening the laces and pacing up and down, I was happy with them. I didn't really have an option because I realised at the weekend that my left shoe has a hole in the front, and being a man, I only have one pair of comfortable shoes to use. The only really great shoes I ever bought were a pair of converse and they were fantastic - like walking on clouds - but they don't make them any more which is a shame because I'd snap them up in an instant. I think the next time I find a perfect fit I'll buy a few boxes of them and then I wont have to worry about my feet for the next 5 years.


Blogger Skry said...

Oh bitch bitch bitch! Try finding a pair of size UK13's some time!

Although I have to admit that I have found a really comfortable shoe in shops before, only to be told that the other shoe is also a right one and that they'll have to be sent back. And many shops will tell you to return in a week whenever they know fine rightly they'll have nothing new in then either. Why not just tell the truth?

The best pair of boots I ever bought were New Rocks from DV8 in Belfast and they were size UK13 - something very hard to find in boot sizes but, surprise surprise, the shop had ordered them by accident and were just about to send them back. I guess incompetence can still pay dividends if you're in the right place at the right time...

10:32 pm  
Anonymous Emer said...

I never thought I would see the day! An entire blog devoted to shoes...written by a man! Can I tune in tomorrow for some waxing lyrical on handbags?

My right foot is bigger than my left also and crushing that baby into a pair of stillettos is no fun! Even less fun is trying to walk!

Keith I CHALLENGE you to try and find a pair of 13's in Japan. I am a UK 6 and I can only get the smallest size of MENS shoe in this country. Womens shoes go all the way up to UK 4.5! I don't think I have ever purchased a single pair of shoes here. Dekimasen!!!

11:01 am  
Blogger Skry said...

[long inhale through teeth] Chotto...

If you can get me to Japan then I'll look for size 13 shoes, but I can't see me getting any! I can't believe that Japanese men aren't that much shorter than us yet their feet are tiny! I'd need a suitcase just for my shoes if I were ever moving to Japan. Or maybe I could just sail there in an old pair of my New Rocks...

10:44 pm  

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