Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh Crêpe!

Not much to report on yesterday. Went to a crêpe joint for lunch and enjoyed a chicken, bacon and pesto wrap. It's called Flour and harks back to that dot bubble era in the late 90's where everything had just one name and the layout is future-sleek and it's style over comfort. It's a small place with one long seat along a fully mirrored wall to give the illusion of space with additional seating available in pull out stools underneath the tables with the problem being that if you pull out a seat you block the entire space along the bar which necessitates getting up anytime someone further inside the establishment needs to leave. That said, they were enjoyable and I do enjoy a good crêpe now and again although next time it will be of the sweet variety.

Lou and I ended up watching one and half films last night. First up was Y tu mamá también [And Your Mother Too] which I had been looking forward to watching for a while and which I gave up watching after half an hour because it was a story that went nowhere at a snails pace and was filled with irrelevant scenes broken up with annoying dialogue from the narrator which was equally pointless and drawn out. I'm sure I will probably give this another try at some point as I hate watching half a film but I wasn't in the mood for being tortured last night so I switched movies to Les Quatre cents coups [The 400 Blows] by the grandfather of French cinema, François Truffaut. This was the film that really introduced me to world cinema and everyone should check out his films [that I've seen and enjoyed] Jules and Jim and Le Dernier métro.

Catch you tomorrow for more of the same - thanks for reading!


Anonymous Jenny said...

I ate in Flour just after it opened, can't remember when that was now but it must have been well over a year ago. It was grand, had a lovely lunch and we all said, "Yes, let's come here regularly!".

I haven't been back since...

10:05 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

If you ate in Flour until you couldn't eat any more, would you be full of crêpe? :D

10:19 pm  

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