Monday, May 22, 2006

Jenny's BBQ

The curtains were tentatively pulled aside on Saturday morning and lo and behold it was a bright and breezy morning. After some quality lounging and a run to the off-licence, we taxied it over to Jenny's house and cracked open some beers in the back garden. Now usually I would wax lyrical about what happened depending on memory recollection but thanks to modern technology and Jenny's happy snapping I can show you pictures to paint a thousand words. Just clicky-click the link below to find a gallery of images for your leisurly perusal.

BBQ Gallery!

After we briefly celebrated Finlands winning entry for Eurovision, we moved to the kicthen and spent the remainder of the night tucking into tequilla and a lot more beer which the pictures reveal led to the downfall of sanity and total inebriation.



Anonymous Jenny said...

It was a great day/night, I had loads of fun and the house wasn't trashed as badly as I expected. The lawn is full of chair-leg-shaped holes though!!

This pic really makes me laugh:

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Dougal said...

So how come Lordi were able to rip off Gwar, when "My lovely Horse" had to revert to plan B?

10:12 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

From the site: What is Mr. Lordi scared by? After a long pause, “That’s a good one… Horses, I think. They’re so big.”

We should have entered "My Lovely Horse"!!!

As for the photo, what were we thinking? I get the glasses and cigarette thing, but the hands on our heads?!?

10:22 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Lou thinks I'm a camera whore but it's not my fault I'm photogenic!

I'll definetly have to get a few of those pictures printed.

The night really damaged my liver/internal organs though so I think I'll be laying off the juice for a month!

10:49 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

You are a camera whore! You always manage to be the most photograped person at every single party!

1:35 am  
Anonymous Jenny said...

"Top Three" stats from Saturday (not all the photos ended up on my site for various reasons):
Phil - 25 appearances
Bert - 25 appearances
Keith - 21 appearances

Nobody else was nearly as frequently snapped. Guess we know who the camera whores are, alright! :P

7:36 am  
Blogger Skry said...

Or maybe we're just more interesting? I thought a camera whore was someone who hogged the camera, not the space in front of it...

I don't recall asking for any pic's of me to be taken, so maybe Bert, myself and Phil are camera-whore-magnets! :D

10:14 pm  

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