Friday, May 26, 2006

Links #22

Robot Chicken - Star Wars. Darth Vader breaks some bad news to the Sith Lord and he does not take it well.

Wikipedia - Star Wars

Wikipedia - Robot Chicken

Outfoxed - Since its conception, the network has been among one of the most heavily criticized of mainstream media outlets, alleged to have an intentional design and delivery of content with a bias towards Neoconservatism and the Republican Party for ratings, profit and political impact; all while representing itself as a "fair and balanced" objective news outlet. Outfoxed, a documentary by Robert Greenwald, is one example of this criticism.

Wikipedia - Fox News

Kids in the Hall: I'm This Close To Beating The Crap Out of You - Classic sketch from the boys.

Wikipedia - Kids In The Hall


Blogger Donovan said...

Great documentary :) I had a read at some of the stuff on faux news while waiting for it to download. Worth checking out.

10:39 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

I didn't realise it was a full documentary - don't have the time to watch it all in work, but it is interesting how the media is undermining democracy in America. Then again it's nothing new and no one's ever going to be able to do anything about, let alone want to do anything about it :-/

Love the Robot Chicken link though, and the Kids In The Hall sketch was a blast from the past! Must see if I can download some more of that :D

10:42 pm  

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