Monday, March 06, 2006

Let Me Take You Down 'Cause I'm Going To...


A group of us went to see Trainspotting at the Grand Opera House on Friday evening and although we could only get tickets right at the back, I could still see the stage clearly and hear most of the dialogue which was made easier because I had seen the film and 80% of the words comprised of a variation of "fuck" and "cunt" before or proceeding it. Unfortunately there were two teenagers sitting in the row in front of us who were most likely drunk, conversed throughout the performance and played with their mobile phones. They also had to loudly express their crass observations when the actress showed her breasts or full nudity in the case of one actor i.e. "Oh my god, you can see her tits!". I can only hope they were involved in some sort of tongue removing accident over the weekend.
I also have to register my angst at those who haven't a clue how to arrive on time and waltz in 5 or 10 minutes after the play has begun. "Has it started yet?" one lady queried as she bufooned her way into the stalls. No dear, the acting on stage is a mere illusion and everyone else is not talking as part of a bet. Besides all this however, I enjoyed the play and was glad to see some scenes from the book that perhaps should have also been included in the movie. All in all, a good performance and you should check it out if it's in a town near you.


I was up bright and breezy on Saturday morning as I met Keith and Brian to hop on a bus for Dublin. After a minor altercation regarding which bus we were taking, we were on our way. After a beautiful nap somewhere between Newry and Dundalk, I awoke just outside Dublin airport and was ready for some pintage. Unfortunately we had a problem locating the hostel and after deliberating for an hour, managed to locate it somewhere off Parnell Street. It looked like it would do the job and we set off for the Porterhouse. By this time it was 3.30pm and I was famished. Brian and I ordered the blue Hawaiian burger and Porterhouse Red which apparently makes Caffrey's taste like Tizer and it was indeed a tasty beverage!

We met up with some of Keith's friends from Belfast and after several hours of drinking they left for Belfast and as we continued shooting the breeze and ordering more beers. Around 9pm everyone else that was due to hook up arrived at once and from there until 1am, we had a great time chatting and getting drunk until we decided to leave for pastures new after putting up with quite possibly the worst pub band in living history although we did just talk over the top. After running around half of Dublin we found our way to Fibbers and made last orders. Some poor sod collapsed on the floor beside me on the way to finding seats as everyone stepped over him to avoid tripping over the still body. He'll be OK. I think.
I made it back to the hostel around 3am and collapsed into bed and fell fast asleep. It was a great night out and met a lot of cool people which I hope I will see again when I'm next in Dublin.


Considering we had been drinking all day I awoke with little or no hangover but with a roaring appetite and need for liquid. After a quick breakfast at the hostel, we walked towards Grafton Street for seconds and stopped in at a bar offering a full breakfast for 6 Euro's after which we made our way back to the station and hopped on the bus back to Belfast.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent in front of the TV and an early night to make up lost hours.

Brilliant weekend and a great time had by all. Hope you had a good one and catch you tomorrow!


Blogger Donovan said...

Sounds like a decent weekend, chaps.

But what's Brian making a grab for? ..I guess he's holding a drink, but with the darkness it's hard to tell ;)

4:56 am  
Blogger Skry said...

LOL Yeah I hadn't realised that! It does look just a bit suspect... Ann will have to be informed!

It was a really fun weekend too - I had a very good time. Will have to get back down to Dublin a lot more often.

Thanks to everyone who made it a really great birthday - 27 couldn't have started any better!

1:14 am  
Blogger Catormo said...

ha ha, hello boys! yea it was great craic, good to see our nites adventures has been logged for posterity somewhere, looking forward to seeing you guys again and we are defo on the way to belfast next time

8:39 pm  

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