Friday, March 03, 2006

Go Go Gadget Friday

Was at the Arcana yesterday for Keith's birthday and to be honest it was a bit of a let down. The place was rather grotty and the food was sub-standard. I ordered the Balti Tikka Masala and boy was it hot. I spent 90% of the meal blowing my nose and wiping sweat from my brow. Now this was what I ordered so I've no qualms with that but the food itself wasn't anything better than you could pick up from a takeaway and that makes the difference. It also came in a hot-pot surrounded by a basket which was neat but no plate to place the dish and mix it up with rice so they only alternative was to chuck rice into the dish until it appeared from the depths like an iceberg which isn't how I want to eat the food. The naan bread was also disappointing and somewhat flavourless and slightly overbaked. In essence this is not a place I would ever go back to which is a shame because I was looking forward to it as I had heard good things about it.

Afterwards we headed back home and hooked up with others and watched Raw Deal, that archaic Arnie flick. It got off to a good start with an hilarious one-liner and a dozen guys blasted up with a shot-gun before spiralling into choppy waters and apathy towards the characters.

In other news I was successful in an ebay bid for Capcom Classics on the PS2 which should keep me busy until Oblivion is released on 20th March. Keith and I spent a lot of 10p's playing Final Fight when we weren't playing Double Dragon and I can't wait to play through the other classic games too.

Work has slowly been sucking the life out of me all week and I'm glad today is Friday or I would be using up some annual leave to get some relief. We're heading off to Dublin tomorrow for Keith's birthday which is great because it's been too long since I've tasted the greatest beer in the world - Porterhouse Oyster Beer. The place also does a kick-ass Irish stew and if the snow keeps up we'll be trapped in the pub all day - nuts!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday for a weekend report.



Anonymous Lou said...

Ironically, i had intentionally ordered something spicy and it was totally bland. Tescos own indian sauces tasted better than that!

12:07 am  
Blogger Skry said...

You said last night that yours was "just right" Lou. I guess you must have meant the spicyness of it. Also I had a Korma Paneer (a combination of my favourite two meals - rock!) and it was delicious. The only two things I had a problem with were:

1. The nan bread was quite oily, but it was still tasty
2. The weird metal bowl thing that Phil mentioned - it was scalding hot and I wasn't warned/didn't hear and burnt my finger on it (got a blister today)

I didn't think that it was a grotty restaurant though - plain, sparse, but not grotty. And considering what all meals/drinks we ate (5 main courses, 5 Cobra beers, 3 dishes of rice and 3 nan breads) the price was extremely reasonable. £75 for the lot in fact!

I think we got what we paid for, and the fact that Phil/the folks found their meals too hot was due to a case of forgetting to order the food less spicy than normal, something that I asked the waiter if we could do when ordering and he said yes.

If people had remembered to do that then we all would have had a lot more fun eating and you probably would have thought better of the restaurant, but like you say you can't blame the restaurant for something that wasn't their mistake.

Personally I would give the restaurant

12:16 am  
Blogger Skry said...

4 stupid accidental clicks of "Login and Publish" out of 5.

Good food, great price but a pretty basic interior.

12:17 am  
Anonymous Lou said...

I said it was 'alright'(as in the general meal). It was fine, but it wasnt that spicy or tasty and like i said, i've tasted better out of a jar.

12:43 am  
Anonymous Lou said...

I did taste your Korma tho Keith and it was lovely. For once, you got the best meal, which was good being your birthday and all.

12:44 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I would have asked for a plate but there was no room to put it anywhere. The tables were pretty tiny and if you had used the toilets you would have seen how disgusting they were. Recalling the urinals sends a shiver up my spine....

12:53 am  

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