Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Mr Fantasy

The weekend got off to an ominous start on Friday as I found myself nauseous as soon as I arrived in work. Sound familiar? Well, as luck would have it, I had scheduled in a half day so after struggling through the morning, I was a free man come half past twelve, and after shuffling home, fell onto the bed and groaned for five minutes before getting myself together. The two times I have taken leave from work this year I have been ill so I haven't actually had the chance to enjoy it to the full extent although even if I wasn't sick, my recent addiction to UFO: Aftershock would have meant that I would waste my afternoon shooting the crap out of alien scum anyway.
Unfortunately I was pretty much knocked on my ass in terms of general momentum and after Brian and I walked over to Keiths place, neither of us felt up to doing anything besides the barest of body movements and as such, hit the hay before midnight.

Saturday morning arrived and any sickness I was suffering was relinquished and I was back in the driving seat. We were up and out of the house by 9am and it was a brisk walk through town which was still strangely quiet although all the shops were open for business. Do you ever have that fantasy where you wake up and no-one is around? The street is empty and everywhere is devoid of life? You think about all the shops you can walk into and pillage from. Your current abode is too small and therefore that big house you always fancied is ripe for the picking. You'll have the biggest and best DVD, Book and CD collection ever and the latest fashions will remain in place because with world population of 1, you are haute couture. But how long can 2006 distractions keep you occupied before you go insane? No doubt you'd start talking to yourself and invent ficticious friends to agree with your great ideas. I've always thought that I would learn to sail and work my way down to France where it's warmer and I wont get winter chills. I'd also have my pick of the vineyards and may even attempt to make my own cheese - the last man on earth would need a hobby I would think.

So Saturday afternoon, much like Friday, is wasted on defending planet Earth from mutant invaders and then it's off to do the weekly food shop. Lou and I have been quickly working our way through 101 Simple Suppers which is great because you're eating something new every night and it's slowly expanding the headphase cookbook so you now have the ability to rustle up a great meal from scratch in under 30 minutes all with the added bonus that you actually buy ingredients for meals rather than chuck a pile of useless food into your trolley and hope for the best.

Saturday evening was spent having a few pints at Robinsons and losing £5 in poker to my own brother. Such rotten luck lately but it'll come around again and I'll be cashing in big time. No, wait, I'm fantasizing again.


Blogger Skry said...

LOL Yeah I stole your money and then gave it all away to the rest of the poker players. Out of a total pot of £30, I had around £15 at one stage and looked set to clean house.

Don't think I've ever won a poker game yet, but for £5 it kept me interested for an hour or two. More healthy than £5 of pints :D

12:08 am  

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