Monday, February 13, 2006

Broken Social Scene

If you're like me, you'll often find yourself going to gigs thinking that if the band play songs X, Y and Z you'll be happy and perhaps they'll play X and Y or maybe just Z and often you're disappointed. Well not tonight baby! Broken Social Scene went and kicked off with my personal X, Y and Z* and informed the crowd that they were just getting warmed up. Yowzer!

The band are quite a formidable sight when they take the stage because they litterally fill it with their presence not only in sheer numbers (their being a revolving 10+ piece band) but with a passion for the music they play. Around halfway through the gig, their frontman apologised if they were playing too much for themselves as they were laughing with each other and sharing private jokes but if anything it added to the gig. It's not often you see a band that are excited about playing their songs night after night and with such affection too. Nor do you see a frontman these days jump into the crowd. "I'm coming into the crowd now, please don't punch me in the face!"

Needless to say it was one of the best gigs in recent years and beyond the initial three crowd pleasers, they shared a chunk of back catologue alongside new ones. We didn't leave until midnight and they must have played for over two hours non-stop. If you ever get a chance to see them, sell your family heirloom for a ticket if needs be. Here's to Broken Social Scene never breaking down. Thanks for a great show!

[*X, Y and Z were KC Accidental, 7/4 (Shoreline) and Cause=Time]



Blogger Skry said...

Sounds like that was a pretty cool gig. You'll have to lend me some of their music bro - I haven't heard a band with that many members in it since I got the album "Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C" by Waltari, which had 8 band members, a conductor and an orchestra involved! Sounds very strange, but it's a grower of an album. A good mix of all music genres - metal, opera, techno, rap and classical to name a few.

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