Friday, February 03, 2006

Lucky Strike

Headed out after work yesterday to play 10-pin bowls stopping at Morrisons for a couple pints of Guinness beforehand. I've almost forgotten what the place looked like before it was turned into every other bar in Belfast in terms of design and interior decoration. Private booths, wooden floors, old food boxes on the shelves from the 50's. It was unique. Now it's sponsored by Smirnoff.
/Lament end.

There were 6 of us playing and after entering stupid nicknames for everyone [Master Pang for myself] we kicked off with both myself and Richard striking out. Unfortunately this wasn't kept up and half-strikes were the best we got the entire game but I still managed to win on 125. For the second game I was instructed to use my left hand only to give others a chance but still ended up on a reputable 83. In bygone days you could take your pint from Morrisons through two double doors and into the Superbowl. Now it has it's own bar. They didn't have Guinness so I went for a Smithwick's and it tasted like Tayto cheese and onion! I kid you not. I got 4 other people to taste it and they all agreed. At great personal risk to myself I decided to finish it and afterwards I had a craving for Tayto - damn you vile pint! [Actually it was weirdly delicous]

Hungry after victory, we headed to Speranza's for dinner and we all ordered pizza. The place was dead inside so the service was pretty fast and we all chowed down. Good eatin'! As with drinking from late afternoon, you always think it's midnight when it's only 9pm so I was back in time to watch ER on TV which seems to have lost a little oomph this series but is still watchable and in bed by 10.30 picking up my current read "Search for the Dice Man", the sequel to [you've guess it] "Dice Man". I very rarely put down a book because it's bad but I feel in this case I may have to. I'm 86 pages in and the plot has kicked off but it's predictable and poorly written. Lou has just finished The Da Vinci Code and I'm keen to read that before the movie comes out so I may switch over to that.

Tonight kicks off a trifecta week of gigs with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Mandella Hall and tomorrow kicks off the 6 Nations Rugby so it should be a good weekend. Enjoy yourselves and I'll catch you on Monday!


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