Monday, January 30, 2006

This & That

Wow. It's freezing outside this morning, which means only one thing - I will require those extra layers in work too. Not only does my office not have any windows, but it is warmed by a tiny 3ft x 2ft radiator in the opposite corner of the room. I know it was built in the pre-WW2 days but was it not as cold then as it was now [give or take a few decades of global warming]? Maybe there was more to the Cold War than I studied at school - you can see what an effect this is having on my puns.

I quite enjoyed the weekend. It was a good mix of slight exertion with the right amount of sitting on ones ass reading a book. It was our 3 year anniversary on Thursday and on Friday Lou and I went to Beatrice Kennedy on University Road. We shared the foie gras and Lou had the fillet steak whilst I had the sea-bass. It was good eating but not as I remembered it from last year when we dined there for Keiths birthday. I think the management may have changed, I can't be sure but the service was not spectacular as it was although they still had a good selection of wine on offer, unlike the choice of main courses. Sure there will be something you want but you wont have to weight it up between others. All in all, a good meal but lacking that romantic oomph setting.

Saturday afternoon was spent lounging in between doing lots of hoovering, washing and cleaning the kitchen. There's still two major jobs I need to do which entails shampooing the carpet and cleaning the grouting in the bathroom but there's always a valid excuse. Well, there's an excuse. OK, I'm just putting it off. Mind your own damn business!
That evening was spent over at Pakenham cooking up some steak noodles and baking a cinnamon and vanilla bread. The noodles turned out to be a good 4/5 on the hot-but-edible-without-burning-myself thermometer given that we were playing alchemy in adjusting the sauce. This turned into an evening of playing UFO: Aftershock until 1am when I had a hard time focusing following beer, cider and a shot of absinthe.

Sunday was quite enjoyable. Took a drive to Belvoir forest park and walked around following the blue arrows this time ending up around the same places as if following the yellow ones. I fear they are the same way only backwards. Still, a lone duck was patrolling the river not too far from a set of swans who always look majestic. They're like tiny white water emus.
Anywho, we followed that up with some shopping and I bought all the ingredients for Wednesdays dinner which has long been notified as Mataar Paneer. I'm looking forward to making this as it's always been one of my favourite Indian dishes. If I pull it off, it might become a regular weekend fixture.

Well, hope you fine folks had a good weekend too. See you tomorrow!


Blogger Skry said...

Glad to hear you had such a good weekend. I played some bowling on Saturday, got beaten, then got fed paneer by the winners! And on Sunday I found an Australian girl to stay with me and H for 2 days :P

I also watched Madagascar. It's not as good as Shrek but it is still worth a look if you have nothing better to watch. You won't love it, but you'll probably like it and it'll nicely fill an afternoon.

I would give it 3 escaped zoo species out of 5.

12:49 am  

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