Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Friday afternoon was pretty hectic as it was the closing date for a grant application and over 100 were hand delivered within the hour of close of play. I took a few calls from those who had legitimate problems with the application ranging from certain sections not printing out to those who had not even looked at the application and wondered as to whether they could complete it in a day or get an extension for a week to do so. The latter of these and other queries over the last two weeks I would estimate 75% to fall within the category of "stupid". I'm not even sure they look at the guidance notes even though it is printed in bold capital letters at the bottom of each page and referred to in questions. However, some calls were absolute classics.

On our webpage where you can download the application by clicking on the highlighted word "Application", it states beside that "you are required to submit your details before you can download the form." This means that when you click on "Application" you are brought to a information box field where you are required to fill in field data consisting of your name, organisation and contact details whereupon pressing the "confirm" button you are brought through to the download screen. However, one particular caller believed she had to phone me beforehand to give her organisational details first to allow her to download the form.

Now that the closing date has passed, the time has come to go through the applications and make sure everything required is included in the submitted application. It will be a long process and bore the bejesus out of me but I pity the temp more than anyone because it is his job to photocopy the application 4 times before passing it back to me for a panel of overpaid consultants to look through them and choose the victors. Unfortunately I am missing this because I have come down with a bout of the cold I picked up over the weekend and I have to constantly blow my nose to stop snot dripping onto the keyboard - nice image eh?

So what will I get up to on my sick day? So far I have slept in until noon and intend to spend the afternoon watching a few movies. Therefore tomorrow, expect a review of Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room and also perhaps Eyes Without A Face. Until then, adieu and gazoontite!


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