Monday, January 16, 2006

Rant #12984: Unruly Children

I was walking into work this morning, just turning around the corner of the street where I live and there were three kids fiddling with something behind a green electric box against a wall. This is nothing new as there is a bus stop at the bottom of this street and they gather there every morning to shout at each other and get in their morning cigarette. I imagine they are little shits mainly because they look and act like little shits. This morning was no different. As I was about the overtake them from the side they launched a half-full drinks container of the kind you get at the cinema at a woman crossing the street. Luckily it landed between her legs and I turned the corner and was down the street before I could see if she retaliated or resigned herself to the fact that unfortunately you can't give an unruly kid a smack around the head without reprisal from their illiterate benefit-using parents.

I'm not the biggest fan of children mainly because in this day in age they don't respect anyone nevermind their elders. I believe it's mainly a result of upbringing and their parents not raising them properly. I'm not saying this is anything new - children have been annoying the public at large for many generations even with a proper upbringing. However, parents these days seem to think children can supervise each other and throw them out on the street for some peace and quiet where they inevitably get up to no good. The only comeback is when they get lifted for petty crime but by then it's too late and the parents give up on them like a black sheep. A study has shown that "there is a strong relationship between the level of child neglect in a postcode area and the level of juvenile participation in crime in that area".

It would be great if you could make a citizens arrest but of course this only refers to a "serious crime" and the child is of course a minor. This makes it a difficult area of the law to cover and these little shits know they can get away with it. The only comforting factor is that they will grow up to be benefit-using degenerates with poor health and die of a heart attack from too many turkey twizzlers while you're away to Barbados on your second holiday thinking about retiring to Madrid. Until then it seems we will just have to accept a corrupt youth and hope that things change.


Blogger Skry said...

> Until then it seems we will just
> have to accept a corrupt youth and
> hope that things change.

No way, I think that you should try to effect a change in the law. It's pathetic to think that someone caught drink-driving can only be sentenced for a maximum of 6 months, but theft carries a penalty of years and years.

What if you ran someone over and killed them while drink-driving? You'd be in jail then, but I (as a citizen) would have to wait til you had driven around long enough to kill someone before I could try to stop you.

The fact that the law can't prevent crimes at all and does seemingly little to prosecute after a crime has taken place is the real tragedy here. People always say the police do nothing, but when the law gives them so few options can you really blame them?

A good police force needs to be backed up by a strong legal system. As our legal system is obviously flawed, it undermines the whole police force, who then take the punishment for it.

Change the law and you'll be able to change the way people act - if that kid knew you could club him round the head for throwing drinks at people in the streets he'd think twice about doing it, at least while someone bigger than him is around...

12:21 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Good point there regarding the legal system needing to back up police activities.

How I wish I could have smacked that kid around the head! If it became law that, with the agreement of two independant adults witnessing the act, you could take his details and report it to his parent(s). If he gets caught twice, it's community service. Three times and his parents have to take parenting classes.

Something like that anyways.

12:43 am  

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