Monday, January 23, 2006

Links #15

As you might have noticed over the last while, the links no longer follow any discernable pattern and they don't occur with any regularity. However, I hope to make the Links section a regular weekly feature in 2006 that I will post over the weekend. If you come accross an interesting page be sure to drop me a mail. Enjoy!

Elevator Moods
- Strange things happen in lifts...

Kenneth Parker - Cool photographs

Cooking by numbers - Only got 6 things in your kitchen and don't know how to use them?


Blogger Skry said...

Great links bro - love the pic's. Where hasn't that guy been? Would be cool to have one or two photo's of that quality...

The lift link doesn't work in Firefox btw - you'll need to run it in IE (and even then IE6 threw a wee error).

12:24 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

The only problem I encountered was that it requires you to accept pop ups which firefox protects against but don't worry because they are legitimate pop ups with no spamming.

1:01 am  

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