Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Last night Lou and I watched Me and You and Everyone We Know which is written and directed and also starring Miranda July. She plays Christine, a struggling artist who falls in love with a recently divorced shoe salesman Richard. Their story is intertwined with that of his two sons, one of which is a seven year old who involves himself in a somewhat risque internet romance with hilarious consequences, and the other slightly older brother who becomes the focus of two teenage girls test run for future romantic endeavours. There are other smaller subplots worked into the film and revolve around the main characters adventures.

The film itself is an observation of modern life and the way various people interact within it. As Miranda July is a performance artist, these styles attributed to the art are very evident in the style of the film which may put a lot of people, including Lou, to chalk the movie up as pretentious artsy fartsy nonsense. However, if that minor aggrievance doesn't bother you then you are in for a frank and hilarious look at life through the looking glass.

Me You And Everyone We Know is a great example of why people should pay attention to independant films and the value they represent untouched by the hands of Hollywood. If you're looking for a quirky humourous and thoughtful film, you couldn't go far wrong with this movie.

I would give this film 4 interpretive dances out of 5



Anonymous lou said...

Its not an observation of modern life at all, maybe of modern life in L.A. but thats about it. Its a depiction of a self-obsessed woman who spends all her time naval gazing, creating ridiculous 'art' to fulfil her desperate need for attention and validation. Hence her piece of so-called art which features her standing infront of a tape recording of an auidence wailing 'do u love me, do u love me, do u love me?' How nice to have such a carefree life that u can sit and ponder yourself and what people think of u all day long.

The kids in the film are the only thing which makes it worth watching. They are the only funny and normal human beings in the entire film.

I give this film 2 pretentious egotistical arty wankers out of 5.

2:44 am  

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