Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Out Of Date

I was at the folks last night for dinner and was helping my mum out in the kitchen when she asked me to get something from the cupboard. Whilst I was looking around for it, I noticed there was a jar of paprika that went off in 1998. Holy crap I thought, what else is out of date here?

Skip to 45 minutes later and I had scooped out half the ingredients in her larder that had been sitting there since the mid-90's. I even found 10 folded bags in a box dating back to the 1950's!
"They're OK Phil, bags don't go off." Well, I wouldn't put anything in them either.

Makes you wonder what potential dinner poisons are lurking in your kicthen cupboards. For me, it's the cloves of garlic that hide behind a jar of chickpeas you swear you're going to use for that healthy salad and never do and you find it growing at the back corner with a civilisation equal to the Bronze Age. Sorry little guys, you may just have invented the wheel but I need this space for my petis pois!

Fridges tend to be the worst offenders though. It's the two drawers at the bottom that hold the nasty stuff. Half a bag of leeks you bought 4 weeks ago and only used two of them for a soup. Spring onions hiding themselves under that box of browning mushrooms because who actually uses 10 spring onions in 5 days? Eggs that you used 4 of in a fritatta and swore you'd make yourself egg and soldiers on Saturday morning and slept through to noon and forgot about. The list goes on.

Someone should design see-through cupboards. Actually on second thoughts...


Blogger Skry said...

Yeah I can't believe we managed to fill 3 bags with food that had gone off! I kept thinking "It's got to end..." but it never did - in fact, there was so much of it that their bin broke under the weight of it all! That's just stupid...

Did you know you have ranted about this before btw? Mum said she'd "sort something out" - what she really meant by that was "wait til the boys come round" :P

12:07 am  
Anonymous Emer said...

Who cares as long as the MONTANA Bars are in date!!!!

1:55 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Haha - I nabbed a Montana bar before I started work. It was a new range - caramel!

10:37 pm  

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