Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Angel Heart

I watched Angel Heart last night with Lou. It's a 1987 film with Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro. Rourke plays a small-time private investigator hired by the seemingly wealthy De Niro to track down a guy named Johnny Favourite. It seems that De Niro has been making payments to Favourite on condition that he is still alive in a mental institution after suffering a mental breakdown after the Korean war. However, De Niro is suspicious regarding Favourite still being alive as he only has the word of the doctor from the institution to go on and this is not enough.
The film plays out as Rourke tracks Favourite down accross the country towards an enivitable conclusion.
Rourkes acting is excellent and he able to display the range of emotions demanded of his character. De Niro, however, is quite over the top in his role and hams it up so much that Jews and Muslims have probably been banned from watching the film.
Luckily most of the movie does not involve him and leaves the major character development to Rourke. However, at times the plot is slow and repeats itself and at other times carries so much plot in such a small time-frame that you get lost and this is what lets the film down. I would imagaine that better editing would make a much more enjoyable film to watch but it is nevertheless worth watching if it's on TV.

I would give this film 3 plot twists out of 5.



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