Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fantastic Four

It's a shame that Stan Lee has to see years of creative hard work turned into and hour and half of total farcical nonsense. Yes, last night I saw the film train wreck that is Fantastic Four.

Perhaps it depends on the director. Sam Raimi was ideal to direct Stan Lee's other creation, Spiderman. He has talent behind the lens and knows how to command action scenes. Tim Story on the other hand managed to take a good little french franchise of Taxi written by Luc Besson and make a total fudge of it. However, he didn't have much to work with in the acting department. There's only so much you can polish a turd and Jimmy Fallon is an acting turd.

What really lets Fantastic Four down is three things: shoddy plot, corny dialogue and dated CGI. I find this incredible. You have a classic comic with oodles of issues from which to draw a top drawer plot and yet it boils down to something we have seen too many times. Comics aren't known for their commanding use of the english language but there are better puns on the front page of The Sun than in this movie. The CGI also looks like it was pre-production and they rushed it out in time for summer. Avoid at all costs.

I would give this film 1.5 things out of 5.



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