Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dead Meat

Last night we ordered some take out and watched Dead Meat, an Irish zombie horror film. It was made on a budget of £125,000 and shot in Co. Leitrim.
It was a hilarious nod to films such as Bad Taste, Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre with its own inimitable Irish humour in spades.
An outbreak of "mad cow disease" spreads to humans who, when infected, causes them to turn into flesh eating zombies. Caught in the middle of this are two tourists who run over one of them accidently and that's where the film kicks off.
The genre is nothing new but the fact that it's firmly tongue and cheek with heavy doses of swearing and Irish humour certainly had us laughing although if you're not Irish you may have a hard time understanding the accents as the audio quality is not great.
So, if you enjoyed the above referenced films then you cannot fail to enjoy this.

I would give it 4 mad cows out of 5
[3/5 if you can't understand the accents]



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