Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War of The Worlds

Watched War of the Worlds on Saturday evening. There's been quite a lot of hype surrounding this film and it lives up to some of those expectations. It stars Tom Cruise as a useless father who gets his kids dumped on him on a weekend when his ex-wife and her beau take off for Boston. He's doing his usual trying too hard, expecting too much from too little fathering when the alien invasion begins.
Then the film begins its rollercoaster ride through the next hour or so as he defends his children and takes them on various paths to escape destruction from the invaders. The ground covered is nothing new. It all just looks cooler than previous action films because of sweet CGI effects. Then the usual Spielberg ending - family are re-united. Wow. A Spielberg film with a happy ending. He doesn't do that much.
In my opinion the problem is that he makes only good films when he gets involved in childrens action films i.e. Jurassic Park, Evolution, Men In Black etc. It's only when he does adult orientated films that he makes great classic films i.e. Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List etc.
But if you're looking for a good action film with happy ending, he's your man.

I would give this 3.5 invasion fleets out of 5.



Anonymous Lou said...

I don't think it was a children's action film at all! (ET etc are kids films and so they had happy endings). Speilberg decided to remain faithful to the plot of the orginal War of the Worlds novel. I think it was classic Speilberg, thrilling, tense action with real characters not fricken one dimensional indestructible (despite being shot and stabbed 15 times) macho men!

3:23 am  

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