Thursday, July 14, 2005


Lou and I have been in Sligo this week relaxing and sightseeing. We left Belfast on a humid Monday morning and arrived at Greenlands Camping Park around 4 hours later in a sweltering 30C heat.

We set up camp and had a walk around. There are two blue flag beaches and they were both packed with swimmers, sun-tanners, small boats and sundries. Time to relax!

After a long walk accross the beach with a rest at the sand dunes for a romantic cuddle overlooking the picturesque landscape and taking in the balmy sea air, we dined at Austie's seafood restaurant. I had sea bass and Lou had steak. They were both delicious and at at £15 a touch, you'd expect they would be. All washed down with vino you understand.

After swelterning inside for what seems like an eternity, we finally caught a waitresses attention and paid for the meal. We took a stroll along the seafront and stopped at Paddy's Bar on the way back for a Guinness and enjoyed the surrounding views.
(Click on pictures for larger image!)

On Tuesday we travelled around the south-western area of Sligo taking a long drive through the Ox Mountains:

Road Leading into Ox Mountains

Ox Mountains

View of Lough Easky in Ox Mountains

We headed west to Lough Talt:

On our way back to the campsite we stopped off at Court Abbey which now lies in ruin:

We cooked a mini fry for oursleves on the stove and watched the world go by with some chilled beers and a mini radio. This was the view this morning:

It was slightly overcast but by dry. We cooked the remains of our fry food for breakfast, packed up and drove the car to outside the tennis court just down the road from the campsite. After aten games the sun was up and starting to get very warm so we drove to the beach and the sea was perfect for for a swim. It felt great and quite invigorating. We snuck back into the campsite and had a shower before heading back home stopping off along the route:

House Ruins, Rosses Point

Lough Gill

Killery Mountain

We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to our fuller Ireland tour this August. I just hope the weather is just as good!
Hope you all had a great week. Normal blogging should begin again on Monday as I'm still on holiday!
Chao for now!


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