Monday, August 01, 2005

Place Your Bets

8:52 Arrive in work. The lifts are out which is always amusing. It doesn't both er me as I walk up the four flights of stairs but it's fun watching other people struggle through the door puffing and panting, espcecially those that smoke as their lungs just can't take it. Not being able to make it up four flights of stairs is always the giveaway sign that things are not right with your body. Which side-tracks me on to a small pet hate - people that use the lift even if they work on the first floor. I mean, by the time you wait for it, you could be there. It's only a slight change of routine and not only are you doing a little excercise, you'll get to your destination quicker. I fail to see any downside to this plan.

8:53 - 9.17 Yawn, rub eyes and sip coffee. Chat to people when they come in and catch up on the weekends of others. For myself it was poker on Friday. Lou and I were joined by Rok, Colin and Don. After 2 hours of play, Lou, myself and Don were down on our chips and Rok was cleaning up with Colin firmly in the black - I don't think he's ever lost money at poker. I'm a little gung-ho myself as we're only playing for £5 so if I've got a pair of twos then occasionaly I'll go head to head for a laugh.
On Saturday I did some class-A lounging and took a walk around town with Brian. We returned to the flat and played some Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas before catching the train to Bangor with Lou and Colin as we had all been invited to Cheryls for dinner. She made a top notch meal and then we headed out for pints. We checked a few bars before finally getting somewhere with seats and chatted away until closing. We walked around two miles home and I found a clapped out mountain bike which I rode for a few blocks before discarding it again. I also did the classic drunk move of giving Lou and piggy back. It's always a 100% giveaway sign that if you're drunk, piggybacks are involved. Then you wake up the next morning with unexplained bruises. Luckily there were no falls. When we got back to the flat, unconsumed wine was polished off and a game of pictionary took place before we all fell into bed around 3-4am.
We were roused by Lous alarm at 10am and we sheepishly took a taxi to the station. We arrived in Belfast just before noon and since sustenance was required and nowhere else was open, Lou and I bought a double bacon cheese burger meal at Burger King. I must admit that although it hit the spot, if anywhere else was open I wouldn't have eaten there. It's a shame that nowhere in Belfast is open on Sunday before 1pm even though it's a capital city.
Unfortunately Lou had to work on Sunday which left the flat to myself and I did some top class snoozing, napping and general sleeping before watching Weekend At Bernie's 2 and The Pelican Brief on channel 5. As a channel, it sucks but they always show classic 80's and 90's films which you can't beat.

9.20 I joined a lottery syndicate in work on Friday. The first draw of the new group was on Saturday. Guess who won £25? Yeah baby!


Anonymous Lou said...

Thats handy, as the electric bill is just in! How many numbers did u actually get and how many in the syndicate?

8:33 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

There are 13 in the syndicate and besides a weekly National Lottery draw there's a monthly in-house draw which I won.

Looks like my winnings are winging its way to NIE!

9:10 pm  

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