Saturday, June 25, 2005

Glastonbury 2005

Glastonbury 2005 kicks off today.

It's always something I look forward to. My earliest memory of the festival is in 1994/5 when I had a tent in the backgarden and watched the TV in the living room from outside. I've never been to Glastonbury and I'm not that fussed about going. I was at the Leeds festival in 2003 and although I had a good time it's not something that I would do again with great enthusiasm. I prefer watching bands in a pub, drinking beer in a glass and falling into my own bed without getting woken up 10 times during the night with drunkards bumping into the canvas.

The line up this year looks pretty boring as far as main act performances go. I'd have to spend my time running from stage to stage to catch good bands and since the timetable never runs according to schedule I'd probably end up watching total drivel. Bands playing I would really want to see include:

Friday - M83, British Sea Power. That's it. Suck.

Saturday - No-one. Super suck.

Sunday - Brian Wilson, Cake. Whoopee.

There's around an extra 3 bands a day I would try and catch but have seen before and wouldn't be in a rush to see again - nevermind put up getting flooded for.

My advice is to set up a tent in the garden, get in some beers and if you don't like the music you can change the channel.


Anonymous Chris in Cardiff said...

bonjour phil i just have to say that the lineup this year is pretty damned good with acts like zutons, undertones, blocparty, royksopp, willy mason, maximo park, roots manuva, interpol, echo and the bunnymen, futureheads, magic numbers, subways, OZRIK TENTACLES, james levelle, IAN BROWN, the La's, the Bravery, soulwax, the wailers, with mylo bassment jaxx and the fat boy for the partying!!!!! so get your head out of ass and listen to some great music especially bands that zane lowe reccomends he has seriously got some taste. have a good weekend see you soon

1:24 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

Hey Chris. Hope you're having a great weekend. Ok, Ok, I will give in to some of this criticism: Ozric, Zutons and the Futureheads would be good to see but I saw Interpol a few years back and they were lifeless. I haven't heard any stuff by subways and magic numbers so I will reserve judgement on that.
My head is feeling very stuffed full of cobwebs today but I'm looking forward to an afternoon of catching up with it on TV.
Au Revoir - see you all on Monday!

7:11 pm  

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