Monday, June 20, 2005

Pierrot Le Fou

I re-watched Pierrot Le Fou yesterday afternoon as I have not seen it since watching it in the QFT several years ago.

It is written and directed by the godfather of modern cinema, Jean-Luc Goddard. I would say that this particular film is "classic" Goddard. It concerns Ferdinand who escapes the boredom of high society and goes on the run with Marianne who is being chased by gun-runners from Algeria.

The film itself runs like a vine with little plot offshoots throughout adding the overall feel providing a surreal insight to the characters and their situation. Although the film is shot in 1965 it still feels refreshing and original.

If you're looking for a quirky nonsensical romantic comedy drama then such a film cannot be recommended enough. If you have never watched Goddard, starting here is as good a place as any.

I would give this film 4 Eiffel Towers out of 5.



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