Wednesday, June 22, 2005

House of Wax

I was very surprised watching House of Wax last night. Firstly because of the acting of Paris Hilton. It was spot on horror acting: believable corny. Secondly because it was a decent plot.

It starts off pretty formulaic. A group of teenagers on a road trip to a football game get lost and wind up in a small town where their vehicle breaks down and then the horror part kicks in.
There are typical situations the characters find themselves in i.e. they split up and are picked off one by one but it was how they were killed that set it apart from the usual genre deaths.
It scored 5/10 on the above link but if you look at the rating breakdown you can see that a lot of people scored it either 1/10 or 10/10 which of course skews the results.
If you're looking for a no brainer action horror romp then you can't go wrong with this film.

I would give this film 3 candles out of 5.



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