Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins

Last weekend a few of us went to see Batman Begins. It concerns the emergence of Batman from Bruce Wayne as it takes us back in time to see how the shooting of his parents and an unfortunate fall down an abandoned shaft turned him into the man he becomes.
It's largely an enjoyable film thanks to the performances of Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. It's hard for me to watch Liam Neeson because in my opinion he always acts in the same style and thus doesn't draw you into his characters. I think his best film to date is Les Misérables and you should check that out . Another bad performance come from Katie Holmes - there's a surprise. Unfortunately due to her impending marriage to Tom Cruise you'll probably be seeing her in more good films dragging it down by poor acting. Some folk should stick to soap operas. A delight to watch on screen was Michael Caine. He plays Alfred the Butler and has some great lines delivered with panache.
The director Christopher Nolan has done a great job in turning the Batman franchise around and with any luck he will get another crack at a sequel.
All in all it's a pretty good action movie and worth checking out.

I would give it 3.5 Jokers out of 5.



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